Solidly Stuck

Hello. This is past midnight.
I’m just wondering how you are doing. Time passes us by and it’s been a hundred and sixty five days since we first met. Yeah, I’ve been counting, how pathetic is that?

Quite frankly, You are like the Harry Potter series to me. I’m stuck with you to the very end. You are my own melodic humming repeating in my head. You are the very scene I want to see for the rest of my life. You are one of those few who make it easier to carry on writing cheesy posts like this.

You have the brightest smile I cannot take my eyes off of and enough charm to keep me yours for 10000000000000000 centuries. You plain have no idea of how factual that is.

Screw the part where I wished I’d never met you. It’s the most moronic thought ever to cross my mind. No matter how impossible you sound, there must be a massive scenario on why I should meet you the week I turn seventeen, as if you were sent as a right-timing birthday present.

wholeheartedly wishing You are my birthday present again next year. fingers crossed.


The thing about a really long holiday.

Frankly, I can rot here at home this holiday, you know. ROT AS REALLY ROT, AS GET ALL BROWN MOLDY SCRAWNY(and all rotten specifications mankind ever mentions in dictionaries) this never-ending-like holiday and I don’t have a thing to do but to stay home because I’m so short on money but super long on time.
Is that a good thing? Nope. I know from western songs I listen to, that being short on money but long on time is a merry thing. oh God, is it? Cause it certainly feels not merry at all. It’s frustrating to have time to do whatever you’d love to with no capital to actually do it. You are only able to daydream things because you’ve got every requirement to; time, comfy couch, and nothing else to do. There you are, you are so picturing my life for at least a month.

ohkaay it’s not that I am so pennyless I can’t do a thing. I do household works, I clean up the house, wash the dishes, and be a nice person to everyone. The thing is, I don’t complain about my state. Yet it’s still within my heart, the desire to encounter the very best of my being a so-called seventeen years young. To roam the streets I’ve never seen, to glide down a massive tree (yes like a Tarzan), to show myself I am free and independent, well only to get some sort of new excitement in this adolescence period of my life.

No, I’m not even complaining, this was what I want a couple of months ago, I did want to stay home longer that busy time of my life, but see? I’m bored. I sometimes wish I were in the states. They can do some sort of summer job there, can’t they? This far I’ve been just wasting my saving for my ambitious trip to Europe by the time I graduate from college.

Man, I’m so tired of opening and waiting for the video’s buffering on youtube, of telling people what’s so happening with my day to day routine on twitter, of playing pointless kiddie games on facebook, of arguing brothers, of dust, of so predictable world cup matches(well my predictions have been pretty accurate), of my own complaining inside my head, and of all these nothing-to-do-ness

Someone take my hand, take me with you.
I’m half outta time here. Very soon I’ll start my life as a freshman and be tightened to another routine I hate. it’ll never stop, I guess.