Smiles to Share

Salut, Amis!
Such a long time no post, eh? Plus, last posts are way too, err, pathetic? Too much love and drama are seriously bad for your mind. Seriously, so think twice before involving yourself into such stuffs. Anyway, I’m bee-ayy-see-kay.

Now, story. No, introducing first.

Meet The 2010 freshmen of the faculty of Computer Science of Universitas Indonesia πŸ˜€
Turbo 2010 (sort of our group’s calling, each year has its own calling)

We’ve been through ups and downs though, like when the seniors misjudged us as some sort of a bunch of ignorant, indifferent, and misfitting young geeks whatsoever. The tradition is simple, get to know as many senior as you can, blend into the new society, be a part of the family, SMILE to simply everyone, AND THOSE are ones they didn’t see from us. So yes, to be pretty clear, we worked that out. Solidifying the batch is another thing. Getting 200-something people in one forum clearly is a hard job. Wait until someone irritates another one and the chain starts. Not so obvious, but you can feel it, the alliances. Yes, solidifying that much of people, coming from utterly different backgrounds, mother-tongues, life-styles, cultures, and perspectives, is tough. I wouldn’t say we nail it–like obviously last year batch, jagung, did– but we make progress, been some flaws, though. Yet there are always flaws.

There are some formal conducts that needs to be done too, some orientation stuffs, like getting seniors’ signatures, blah, blah. They are pretty exciting, particularly on occassions when we actually had fun in Sabtu Ceria(cheerful sat-freely translated -..-) I and II.

Then before graduating from our long orientation programme, we are required to have done social work, all the 200-something of us, together. K, it’s not really a social work, it is more of a social responsibility, like to give back, socially, to the society. Turbo’s Kersos was held in an orphanage near the campus. It is kind of ironic since the place was pretty sad-and-poor-like when they are located behind two big-and-fancy-like-shopping-centres. That was so much fun. You will inevitably fall for the kids. There we intend to invoke them in games, computer-tutorials, and motivation training.
The core purpose is, I assume, to get them to smile and to feel that they are in a world where people inexplicably still care in spite of its selfishness. but eventually, it was us who should learn more from them. To learn to be thankful and seize the best of our lives because we literally have everything we need just down below, waiting for us to know this.

How thoughtful I just became, man.
I’d have to go back to the hectic circus of coding, I’ve got codes assignment that is like, uh, so enormously needing my whole attention and commitment, it almost feels like I’m engaged to it. weird. ftw, fer the weird!

And I’m so looking forward to attending Malam Keakraban πŸ˜€
am-i-are-a πŸ˜‰