It’s been Ages since my last post. no, it wasn’t that I didn’t feel like blogging at all, it was time, I didn’t have anytime to get to touch any technology in the past months as well as some other petty things that would take too long to write.

So, Ça va? Quoi de neuf?
There are a hundred gazillions things with me but, writing it all will make it the most boring blog in the whole universe ever, let’s just skip it.

Actually I just want to tell you all that I ummm, literally -and It’s quite hard for me to Admit it- well yeah, fall for someone. Uuugh that sounds weird, well I’m just trying to be true to myself. That’s weird, I’m weird and this post is too! know what, This is really hard to write this sort of thing for me. but, seriously what can I do? I’ve let myself be in this kind of situation which makes it none’s fault but me. I figured it out that love can seriously make you turn into a weirdo. the worst-as well as the best- is that I can’t get him out of my effing mind. Yes, it is weird and, heavens, that factually happens.

This is not the first but, this one is like, the most overwhelming.

This is cheesy so cheesy. But who cares. I LOVE YOU AND THE WHOLE WORLD DOES TOO.

Adieu, À plus tard ;D