Why I (kinda)Hate Punks

Ohk, I’m not trying to offend certain group of people by stating that, but if some do feel that way, er, read the rest of the post will you?

So, Since this blog is meant to be a place for my personal remarks of my day-to-day inexplicable adventures, Here I state, I, in the least way, hate punks. Yes, yeh wanna punch me in the face, punks? I’m going to say it a hundred times if you want and whyever not?

Punks I’m writing here, ONLY(let’s strict the definition) refer to those guys, The Pengamen Punk, whose base is around Lebak Bulus and Ciputat, out with spiky necklaces(which looks simply delirious) and skin-tight jeans, Anti-Order, Anti-Establishment, thinking as if they are the only free people of the nation, ngamen-di-angkot, ranting, and complaining about beyond everything.

I want to make things clear here; I am actually not a hater. I don’t hate people about whom I don’t know, so, Punks, as been described above, are basically the exceptions, my bête noire. Now, I don’t waste this much of energy for no reason. There are millions square of reasons I can list about why exactly I commit hatred, but using Mrs. Kasiyah(My Linear Algebra Lecturer) techniques, I sum it up to few(it was almost impossible), and write it down here:

Un, Their so-called intro.
These punk kids ngamen(perform a song for tips, particularly on public places and tranportations in JKT), but before, obligatorily, They give an irritating intro. It usually sounds like this: “Yak bapak-bapak, Ibu-ibu, kakak-kakak mahasiswa, yang baik hati tapi sering nyebelin, mudah-mudahan di balik pakaian rapi masih ada jiwa2 sosialnya etc.” C-O-T.

Deux, Complaints.
I want to honor all of them as the biggest complainer of all time. Not a single thing missed out. The government, the prices, the weather, the things they saw the day, the people they met, the tips, and blahblahs.

Tres, Their singing, The song, their acts while singing the song.
The attempt to imitate or simply describe it here will only end up in more exasperation. Just so you know they ngamen tone-deafly, with loud, hurting-my-ears claps, complaining about life, pricy this, and pricy that, so on and so forth, but, that’s not the reason I’m writing the post. They only sing it for what like 15 seconds(painful 15 seconds, anyway) and will get angry, somewhat violent, if no one gives them any tip. They even get angry at the situation when someone actually give tips, though only 500ish, and they’ll be all complaining about rich people who is stingy and stuffs. Don’t they get it? They don’t even sing it as long as the younger kids who ngamen on buses I saw almost every morning. They go for the easy way, look threatening while ngamen, so people get scared of them doing violent things. They don’t even deserve 1 IDR of anyone’s money when they ngamen that way. I mean The point of them, ngamen, is to get people entertained(or pitied them) so that people give them tips isn’t it? They don’t entertain anyone, so please, stfu.

The vindication of the whole post I write here, is only this:

These punks, They are all still young, probably in their 20s, or even younger than that. They are way capable of more than just grumbling about their life, mocking what happens in OTHER PEOPLE’s lives(which seriously not their problem), criticize every policy made(those which are fait accompli!), and doing whatever it is so long as it has nothing to do with the idea of changing their lives.
This post wasn’t meant to get those punks to read it and change their ways(the idea is utterly absurd, isn’t it?). This was only a reminder for myself(and yourself, if this remind you as well) that complaining cannot get you what you need or want(sometimes it’s just thin lines between both). Tangible Actions, ad astra per aspera, A rough road leads to the stars.
Here’s A very famous quotations at home,

“Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls).” – Ar Ra’d, The Thunder Surah 13.1

Meaning: Make it with your own two hands; Random facts: I’m trying to.

Rock on, young saviour, don’t give up your hopes!