Not So Last Year At All!

This is Mira, yea the weird one, back blogging, tired of writing in 140 characters.

So, last holiday, that feel like centuries ago, I went to watch two (blockbuster) movies; Avatar and Sang Pemimpi/The Dreamer, which both amazed me in a sort of different way. Since people have been so excited about Avatar and good reviews are practically everywhere on the planet, let me just write–not review, I don’t really know how to write one–free write, about the latter.

Sang Pemimpi or in English The Dreamer, is a sequel movie of Laskar Pelangi which is based on the Tetralogy Laskar Pelangi/Rainbow Troops, bestseller novel series (in Indonesia).
The first movie, Laskar Pelangi was a big success, The highest selling Indonesia Movie of all time, funny yet touchy, slap us right on the face with the fact that there is still loads of kids who wants and are very eager to get educated with all the problems they may have. The message is that you shouldn’t stop going to school even if your school has only one almost-crash-down-building and your house is like 40 Km far from school.

Sang Pemimpi is the continuation of Ikal’s story in belitong remote areas, now with his Courageous cousin, Arai who is the ‘simpai keramat’, the last living descendant of a family.
Arai is left by his Mother and father since young and has had to live with Ikal’s family ever since. He wanted to be the lone ranger, Ikal wanted to be the indian, and their other friend, Jimbron, wanted to be the horse. Jimbron is, too, an orphan. He was taken care by reverend Geovany, a close relative of his family. Although Reverend geovany is a christian, He still raised Jimbron as a Muslim. This is a very soft way of the movie, as well as of the book, to tell you to be tolerant to others.
The three study at the first highschool in Manggar, a less remote area in belitong than their hometown. They show great spirit with Pak Balia, a spiritful young teacher, tells them to explore Europe, adventure Africa and to set their feet and study at Sorbonne University. They work whilst studying and never stop dreaming about adventuring Europe and Africa and getting a taste of life itself!

This movie awes me period

HNY–sorry for being so late saying this!