Dude! I Love Slang.

The most popular word, and by 'most popular' I mean most popular, most said, most written, most used(even overused), and most misinterpreted, is galau.

[a] ber.ga.lau a sibuk beramai-ramai; ramai sekali; kacau tidak keruan (pikiran)

It's not slang, but it's interpreted by most people slangly. Galau means hubbub, commotion, chaos (related to mind). from what I reckon, today, most people use the word to describe their state of confuseness which is exactly correct. Still, more people(and that includes me) use it to express a sort of loneliness, melancholiness, angriness or just plain pathetic stuffs in the daily life of one.

It's been such a phenomenon to me to actually realize that this could spread all over the country and within a year everybody seems to agree with the new other meaning of the word. All I can remember is that there was somebody used the word on twitter and everyone(including me) starts doing so. It gives me an idea of how effectively you can make something cool out of social medias/networks. All it takes are just a few hundreds of retweeting followers and You might make another word popular and overused 🙂

Another Slang I love would be unyu.
-Interrogation marks
-what the heck

The word is not in kbbi, I googled it to find the real/former meaning of the word. An account in twitter @faktanya explained that in sansekertan, it'd mean Anjing. Someone told me it was an acronym UNYU, you and why you.

All I know it means somewhat cute.
Man, Slang words always get me curious :3

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The Town I Spelled The First Time I Learned to.

Jakarta / Indonesia, Java

The Town’s got a name, It’s Pamulang, no I’m not sure. I live between two counties, ciputat and pamulang, either one of them, or them both altogether, well, whichever won’t make that much of a difference.

So, The towns share borders with the capital city, Jakarta. The day passes by and it’s no more of a quiet town. They are large, full of people moving here and there, businesses open, housings and residences bloom, and urbanization is inevitable. Crowds are irritating. The traffic is even more painful.

I spend my sleeping time here, every freckin’ minutes of my sleep.

At night they quiet down like they used to be.

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If I Were A Superhero, I Would Certainly Not Wear Tights

Yes,  bonjour!

I just wonder If I were a super hero, how would I be like?
If I were a hero, super or not, I’d be one who has a special gift to read mind, but frankly, I’d kill to be a SUPER hero. Me, as a superhero would be me, As nerdy as I am. Unlike Clark Kent who acts geeky in his entire so-called normal life then rips off his normal clothing, turns to the super-powered muscular man whenever danger resonates.

I, as a normal person, would be working as a travel writer. Travel writer is such a good cover identity because people would never question why I get to travel so often. As a superhero, I’d have a very high marks of intelligence (like batman and ironman does) which let me build my own super weapons like a shotgun that shots no bullets but a sharp wave of sounds that can cut through any metal, rocks, and even unknown-chemical solids. I’d also build my own transportation. It’d be like a folded paper which is actually a transporter. It could be used as a secret media of data transferring from my pals in federal agencies, too.

In action, I would not act in the middle of the city when bad guys do their things destroying the city or taking over the world. I’d be more of a crime/evil preventer. I could read minds, bad minds would trigger me more to my action. I’d be sneaking to the bad guys’ beds and shot them with my erase-memory-injection, so they could start all-over again their life as a better person. How Thoughtful of me.

but you always know, there would be threats from outside the planet we live on, threats from weird robotic gigantic manta rays that could breathe fire and has stinging spine at the end of its tail(which makes them not manta rays, but sting rays). See? That’s why I’d have my awesome alien-and-their-friends-super-tamer.

I’d do realize it doesn’t get me fame and attention as most superhero does. Yet, y’know I’d reaaaally make life easier for our law enforcement bodies and people on the street.

I do realize too that this post is an utter, utter, weird, imagination, I love writing it, anyways.

Lotsa love ❤ ❤ ❤
The Inexplicable M