Say a word or two to brighten my day.


I remember being twelve-or so- years old, watching MTV and the video of everybody’s changing played on. It was a wonder. well, I did wondered how do they switch people from the drummer to an eskimo, the pianist to a geisha, and the vocalist to a banci. I didn’t even notice the song! I really liked it. so I tuned in to MTV, everyday, pretty much because I love watching the vidclip and I just started to sing along everytime I heard it on TV. particularly in love but I didn’t realize that. I didn’t know the lyrics though. I was just humming or singing the wrong lyrics while shaking my head to the beat. that’s it.

When I was in the 9th grade, I got an Art project about which I was so excited. the project was simple; all students were required to make a music group and pick a song to be presented, then present it in front of the class. the best group would have to play on our graduation stage. I didn’t want to win the graduation stage, anyway. I just want to pick the keane’s song to present and I was almost, almost-and it was this close- got all my pals agreed on the song choice before someone suggested to sing Rossa’s terlanjur cinta. I just couldn’t believe it.

fine. rossa’s okay though.

And it was on a saturday night where a local channel (no more MTV haha) re-play one Keane’s gig in europe and I was stunned. I usually don’t like live or recorded concert on tv, screw the quality, the lipsynch, and the performers’ goofy action stage. but I was pretty in awe, I really like them performing Hamburg Song. just epic.

I googled them and really fall in love ever since. They are the best british band ever. Arctic Monkeys, OASIS, The Kooks, The Verve, Franz Ferdinand, Muse, The Coral, and even Coldplay never beat them here, in my heart (though I LOVE THEM ALL). I love Hopes and Fears and Under The Iron Sea and Perfect Symmetry so much. frankly, I don’t know which one I like best.


well yeah I must admit that I was very surprised the first time I heard ‘spiralling’ (that’s the first single for perfect symmetry) on youtube. I was like ‘what the heck?’ when I heard the loud delighted OOOH which was quite shocking, and all the tunes just sounded so new, really. there’s some energy which differs to hopes and fears which is classic and the dark under the iron sea yet totally addictive. it’s like what drummer Richard Hughes has it, “songs that are not that happy but that sound happy.” Pop music that’s anything but throwaway.

my chosen one!
hope you like it 🙂


An Epic: The Road

I really want to write about this book of Cormac McCarthy, as soon as I re-read the epic story. I’ve read it over and over again and realize I’ve got to write something about this!


So the whole story begins in a no-name father’s and his no-name son’s journey across the burnt landscape, in which some disastrous stirring calamity happened years before causing all the chaotic events with only few surviving. the boy’s mother has committed suicide before the story begins.

The father soon realizes that both of them will not survive the winter in their present location, thus he and his son start roaming the country, going for the sea, vaguely hoping for someone who’s not going to make them as dinner. In the journey, they meet cannibalistic groups who seek out people to eat (they even eat babies!). They wander with only a trolley of blankets and canned foods, a pistol with only two bullets inside (either to protect themselves or suicide) , and they are ‘each the other’s entire world’.

The boy somehow still strongly believes that there are still the good guys out there, while his father is struggling with his blood-coughing and the fact that he is dying. He dies eventually, leaving his Son alone. well, it was really sad and I don’t know why I Always cry over the page. I was pretty anxious of the son’s life, HE’S JUST SO YOUNG AND KIND. HE CAN’T EVEN TELL WHO’S THE CANNIBALISTIC ONE. He’s just so unaware.

The ending, I reckon is happy but there’s something that’ll make you still want to cry. Maybe because it’s overwhelmingly happy.

I guess it’s something that makes you know eventhough it’s a sad destiny you have, it’s still reminding you to smile. Really, the story makes you can’t put the book until you find out what happens after one and another events. And Mr McCarthy’s way of writing direct-speech-without-quotation-mark is new to me but I love it.

the AWESOME Author

The book won pulitzer prize for fiction and some other awards, yes it’s a great book. And the film adaptation starring Viggo Mortensen (yes if you loooove him watch it) , Guy Pearce, Charlize theron and Kodi Smit-McPhee, due for release on November 25. yeaah here’s the movie’s official website.

See ya around.


This post is dedicated to my bestfriend, Indah Miranti who is having her wicked eighteenth birthday today.

haaai INDEUTSCH, atas nama saya, arya yang sedang mudik dan dwi barangkali, ingin mengucapkan; selamat ulang tahun yaa, mudah-mudahan Lo bisa menjadi anak yang berbakti pada orangtua, nusa, bangsa, dan agama. terus, semoga lo mendapat satu kursi farmasi UI atau ITB, AMIN.

kita udah jarang pulbar lagi nih, terus udah jarang ngumpul abis pulang sekolah. ya kita kan udah kelas 3 doy, jadi emang harus dikurangin. nanti jangan lupa traktir gw dwi sama arya, yaa.
6770_1186283372893_1102535174_1496942_7039385_n foto aib nih deutsch.

5189_1150195362449_1454558121_410848_2173011_n orang lagi pada sibuk makan cuma lo doang yang tetap NAMPAAANG.

4803_1179359324808_1252917411_486170_144039_n abis bikin masterpiece #gaul@kompas

5189_1150195722458_1454558121_410857_4011232_nEH SALAH

4803_1179359644816_1252917411_486176_7168233_n INDAH JANGAN SUKA TELAT LAGI YAK KAN UDAH 18. KEE-O?

Some Permanent Marks.

My debate club is the most awesome debate club ever existed, we call it CLOVER 34, Club of English Debaters 34, ahem yeah it’s a strained acronym but whatever.

Long ago, when I was just a self-conscious Junior, I was supposed to take an extra activity at school (we call it extracurricular) which is compulsory for all 10th and 11th graders. There were about 15 to 20 activities, and I was half-confused what to take. There were like 5 martial art clubs, 5 or more art clubs, 5 or less science-ish clubs, and more physical activities provided.

I was about to take a Martial Art extracurricular when mum told me to join the English debate club. Mum was hard to resist, I went on the first day but promised myself to sign out as soon as possible. I didn’t know that I would absolutely enjoy arguing.

So, I couldn’t help myself coming back every week. I completely belong there. I told my best bud that the debate club is beyond fun and she joined me several weeks after. We both found a new mates who share almost the same passion and idea. Haha hopefully we’re never to p(f)art.

My first president was kak Titis who’s witty and clever, she always knows what to say or write. She’s the best woman president, ever.Her successor was kak Acel, a Chinese but a faithful Moslem. He is funny, brilliant, and probably rad. I daresay he is a slanted Jay Leno with einstein’s brain. He is quite a genius.

OH we finally then got another woman president, Irma. She’s lunatic, gee she’s just totally a looney. WHY? Well, she took care of all the club’s businesses like every club president does. Frankly, she was great at that but she never approved herself of being a president. She’s weird and eff, she admitted that.

My second year in debate club was extremely rad, with the newcomers and the juniors, and the stack of competition and the fact me being a senior. We won all the competition we applied. That sounds like glory. Well, that’s glory.
Some of the juniors are what society would label freaks. They’re like Irma hahaha. Total freaks. But we do respect freaks. We’re a school of freaks by the way.

That’s what I love most from debate clubs. We don’t hate weirdos, we don’t tell them to stay away. We debate their psycho-ness. And we respect their ideas. That’s the essence of debating. Dang I love their weirdness, complexity, and all the differences we have. Well, what from we get something to argue on if we aren’t diverse enough?


So I’ve Got A Smile On.

I’ve written before; I love to forgive and forget and I usually don’t write lies. Really, I didn’t lie when I wrote that. I just always forgive and forget even before I realize someone somehow has pissed me off, seriously.

So, I’ve got this math teacher at school, you can call her bl. I had my math class with her every Monday and Thursday morning on my first year of highschool. I never really remember or know why she always picks on me, or blasts me with some sort of dislike, or just basically hate me. Right, you may say, ‘go see and look yourself in the mirror and you’ll find the reason why’. See, I did that over and over again until I got bored of my own thoughts and questions.

The thing is, I HAVE NOT FIGURED OUT WHY SHE HATES ME SO MUCH JUST YET. I hate being hated and worst by my own mathematic teacher on whom I depend most for sustaining my life in highschool! God, I swear I hate it. I look at myself, and what I see everyday, totally unchanged, is only me.
I swear(again) I am only an average student, with average marks, with average attitude, with average friends, with no serious offense, who sometimes do the minor infractions everystudent does, like not wearing belt, coming late, not making homeworks, just those sort of violation of school regulation. so why does she hate me as though I’ve ever done something MOST HARAM ON EARTH. Why, eh?

I thought my second year will be better, but it was just the same, the same all over again. All my hopes were thrown away when I knew she was going to be my teacher again. But I tried my best to ignore all the things she did to me and it worked well, my math marks did well, and I took no notice on what she did, I succeeded.

Yeah now my math teacher is not her anymore, but she always tries to steal a moment to pick on me and I think, still blasts me with dislike, but yeah I told you I always forgive and forget.

From this I just want to tell you, ma’am, that even if you don’t like my existence, I do feel grateful to have ever been taught by you, it’s a pleasure though you probably didn’t think so, I’m not being a fake, I’m just writing all I feel and if it appears bad to you, or you think I’m too stupid at math, please do believe, it’s not what I want either.

And I still see you as ‘Pahlawan Tanpa Tanda Jasa’ whatever you see me as.


me. an idealist.

I’ve just taken some personality test and it turned out I’m an INFP,

Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving

The INFP is a special, sensitive individual who needs a career which is more than a job. The INFP needs to feel that everything they do in their lives is in accordance with their strongly-felt value systems, and is moving them and/or others in a positive, growth-oriented direction. They are driven to do something meaningful and purposeful with their lives. The INFP will be happiest in careers which allow them to live their daily lives in accordance with their values, and which work towards the greater good of humanity. It’s worth mentioning that nearly all of the truly great writers in the world have been INFPs.

They say shakespeare’s an INFP, princess diana’s too!

so I should be a writer or a princess?


Getting a life

Ooooooh you won’t believe this! I’ve got a new SUPER-COOL pet you’ve never imagined, it’s a gigantic super crabs THE KEPITING KENARI, which is sent from Biak, Papua only for me. Well, mom had already decided to make this awesome pet as our menu buka puasa when I pleaded, and begged to take care of him, or her, whatever.

So yeah, he’s (or she’s) still alive probably for two strong reasons; first, my pleading is so irresistible. Second, no one is having enough guts to stay close enough to the scary enough crab to kill him(or her) then cook him(or her) (konon capitnya dapat mematahkan ruas jari-jari manusia).

In some places this sort of crab is included as an endangered species but in Biak it’s widely grown and made for one of papua’s traditional food by local people, it lives on land and eats coconut. It usually climbs up a coconut tree and takes all the coconut it can get before arranging those coconuts in a row and eats it later, OCD huh?


We put him(or her) here.

Copy of 05092009017


Copy of 05092009016


He’s the coolest pet on earth, isn’t he?

I name him bules, pronounced boo-lés, with a clear e and s.

See ya.

*15 more days to lebaran day :DDDD


I’m sick of hearing all this news and WHY,  why on earth can’t we have the slightest bunch of peace around here? These daily fights have been too consuming, I don’t want to get used to living with that, no. You might be wondering, who’s again now? Well, who else can be so rude and harsh and too regardless and fond of claiming? None other than the neighbor of ours, errrr I DO NOT WANT TO WRITE the name here, alright?

Darn it, but I can never ever get over this, well I just watch the evening news in which I just found out someone changed the lyrics of the national anthem of ours ‘INDONESIA RAYA’ with a very inappropriate one, I almost cried in envy! That is too, sorely hurting, or something I don’t know the perfect word for it, but I swear it’s just totally pathetic that they (the country, I mean) can only hurt us, more and more, all over again.

How can I do this without starting to make fun of the frickin neighbor? I always try to forgive and forget but how? How can I just forgive then forget this when it’s too painful for words?

REALLY. It’s not only me who’s hurt, it’s me and another 200 millions  of people. Think again buster! Crap, I never want to start a war but that sounds more likely than having some hundreds more of an apologies from the neighbor. that’s a huge waste of patience, just be tough and get ready, perhaps we’re going to have some rough times here.