Exam week! Yay.

It is mid-semester exam week again!
Dude, here’s one true saying: TIME FLIES, AND IT FLIES EVEN FASTER THAN 299 792 458 m/s, so when someday people call something fast they don’t mention the speed of light no more, instead they’ll shout, “My computer is running at the speed of time! coolness!”. What I want to say again(and again in an infinite loop) is Happy UTS and Happy.. well, just be happy.

Time doesn’t come around, once it flies it doesn’t land. It feels as if it were really just a month ago, I first attended classes in the Uni, And had the mid-semester and final exam, and now? It feels as if I lost my grip on my time management, as if I didn’t even keep track of what I have done last semester and half of this semester, well, seriously? Don’t tell me these past months I didn’t really do anything!

Still, it feels like I really didn’t.

The Data Structure and Algorithms exam on monday was, so to speak, a disaster. Ten multiple choices questions(with maximum score of 10 out of 100) and 6 essays question(with maximum score of 90) were given. The multiple choices were okay. The first two essays are about outputs and the complexity of a source code given, checked that one for me. The rest of the essay should have been easy If I had the minds of the computer olympiad winners, but I don’t. So you know, They want me to implement a good algorithms on that piece of paper, YES. HOW DIFFICULT COULD IT BE? Some might say it was a piece of cake, some might say it was a complete nightmare.

Later on that day, I had Adbis exam, My favorite exam so far, Though I came pretty late(*sigh).
The Principles of Information System on the next day was quite good(came late again), There were some concepts that were unfortunately forgotten, but still nailed it(sotoy parah).

The Linear Algebra oh my lovely linear algebra class! I love Linear Algebra, really do! I went home pretty late(it was like almost ten pm) the day before the exam, Studying with Kemal and Rama(I should say, Kemal is such A GOOD TEACHER, you should check out his blog, I linked it) and some other folks joining when it got pretty late.

The morning came and, as usual, when I get excited I tend to not paying attention at all(I’m an ADD, I guess) and you won’t believe me, but I was, indeed, excited about linear algebra and, and, and,(and.. till the n-th and) I did some stupid mistakes which I consider really stupid so I won’t ever shout it out to the world of what exactly the idiocy I just committed. but it was stupid of the most stupid, so yeah, you get the idea.

I’ve got Physics and MPKT exam tomorrow. Ergh.

Well, Happy UTS
The hopefully-not-S***** Mira


A Letter to My Great-Great-GrandChildren

Dear My Absolutely wonderful Great-great-GrandChildren.

Hi, It’s me, Your Loveliest Great-great-Grandma writing, How’s life there kids? Though I don’t even have any idea where on universe you guys are living, but Seriously, wish you all good. Okay, Now that I am writing A letter to you, I just want To let you know That I am Still in the university, Studying some computer science stuffs which, I am sure, will look like an ancient crap by the time you read this. Well, Some news from me? The Petrol price is gonna be on the rise back here, but I know you’re not using these fossil fuels, are you?

Really, I just realise how much gap we have! I have a grandchildren which have your parents as a children and you as a grandchildren? Whoah that is LONG! I guess You are kind of overwhelmed by all these facts(like, “My great-great-Grandma from the long-gone earth wrote me a letter about petrol price? Petrol? what on xyzfcnb201 is that???”).

My only intention on writing this to you, is just so I can tell you some secrets of life I’ve learned this whole time. I learn to love the world the way they are, the way it turns day and night, The way people see it, It is so interesting how It is just it is. I also learn to love The one who made everything that I see, Me, you, Your Goldfish, Everything! God is good, do never forget to do your daily prayers! Stick with you dreams is what you learn then. All your silliest dreams and wishes, They can come true, like mine does. If you’ve ever heard the saying, Your Fate is in Your own hands, believe me, it’s not entirely true. The real saying and the true one says, Your fate is in what you do with Your own hands, Now All that’s left for you to do, Is get up, do what you know you have to do, Love everything you pass by, then be Thankful for what you get, okay? Seems Hard, I know, Try Your best anyway kids.

Stay fantastic!
Sincerely, Your GG-GrandMa, Mira.

PS. I love youuuuu :*
PPS. This Post is Majorly Randoooommmmm

200ish Words for Whatever It Is I’m Doing

It is as though I’ve known you forever when you look right through me and It is only 423 days.
It is as though I can live forever when you smile at me, as though I’m all warmed inside when you chuckle at my geeky jokes.
It is as though the first bite of a freshly-baked bread when you say my name, as though the sweetest wake-up call when you be there and stay.
As though the beautiful sounds of raindrops on the ground, your voice is.
It is the beating part of me that says so.

It is as beautiful as everybody’s first love. Well perhaps, it is mine.
It is as enthralling as my childhood’s bedtime stories about talking animals,
as anticipated as those robotcars or gorgeous vampires hollywood movies,
as twistful as the sound of a saxophone,
as simple as this mad world,
as bright and early as the first morning sun ray,
as funny as my most bizarre-selection of dreams,
as painful as any secret love.
It is the feeling part of me that shouts it out.

It is beyond pathetic of me for holding on.

And it is the part of me that do counting, logic-thinking, and (supposedly)controlling (most of)my actions that is yelling, banging, rioting inside, for me to notice.

Love blinds, as well as deafens, you, I guess.