What I Think of Pluralism.

I am a moslem. I have been a moslem for 17 years 4months and 29 days, but for all these time, I feel the world has not got it already, how it is like being a majority at home and minority as I step out home.

I was born in Indonesia. The biggest moslem country ever is. I wear hijab. I befriend with moslems, mostly, christians, budhists, and hindus, javanese, sundanese, bataknese, balinese, padangnese, chinese, etc. people here get along well. Not as well as I thought though. I mean there’s these narrow-minded individuals and groups declaring war against pluralism.

I’m a great achiever. I’m as vain as any 17 year old girl. I have always dreamt of traveling abroad, studying in the best school and university abroad. I applied once to a student exchange programme and I was rejected for insisting on wearing hijab. hijab is part of my existence, quoting the film My Name Is Khan, I committed to this. I may wear veils, but that doesn’t have to do with how broad my mind is—or how rad I am—does it?

Indonesia is a pluralist as well as, a tolerating, broad-minded, and warm country. The nation was attacked several times by a group of terrorists who called themselves moslem, when in fact, they really aren’t. Here we choose not to hate moslems, since they(those bugger terrorists) are not even one, but to unite and not be afraid of them.

I am planning to study abroad for my postgraduate education, you’d better prepare for my coming, world 🙂
oh yeah, this is gonna take the best of me.

Loads of raaaaaad love ;p


Don’t Leave, Stevie G.

Dear, Mr. Gerrard,

I just want you to know that I will still be your #1 supporter forever. No matter of how bad england plays this world cup or how liverpool ended last season of epl. These times have been pretty hard, I guess, for you and the rest of the team and also the supporters. I can’t help feeling a little worried about next season, about your rumoured leaving to real madrid.

I’ve always remembered how great it was, winning double titles, winning fa cups and champion leagues. You’ve always been my all-time hero, a hope in crisis, all kop’s BELOVED CAPTAIN FANTASTIC! Yes, I said you’re a hope in crisis. Do you remember the night when Liverpool won champion league title back in 2005? That was the most magical match I’ve ever watched. You gave us hope, Sir. Hope on our lowest point, you did. No one believed the Reds could overturn AC Milan’s 3-0 half-time lead – until your 54th minute header, that is.

See? You seized it. From utter nil, to a claming of europe’s highest football trophy. You’re such a blessing. And now, five years from then, I hope the spirit is still in you, I hope the hope still lies within your heart, I hope the captain to encourage always is you.

I get it, how frustrating it is, ended up at 7th position. no champion league next season, seems less chance of winning the premier league, worst, greedy owners bled liverpool almost dry, could it be any worse? and there you are, Capt, getting irresistible millions-pounds-worth offer from Mourinho, again.

I watched the news on TV, and heartbroken at once, who on earth would refuse such offer? Not even Liverpool, Gillett and Hicks need the money badly, I guess. but would you please, consider staying? For millions of kops who know you are the best football captain in the whole universe. Well, YOU ARE.

Time flies, Mr. Gerrard. I was only a little girl who got hyper whenever the game was on. Today, I am a random college-student who simply get loud about football, but you still play it fancy, you are still my old childhood hero. I know you can make it, G, though your number in the national team is half your usual number in the reds, please do, inspire us, again, and pleeeeaaase don’t leave.

Yours sincerely,

Back for Good

How long has it been since my last post? Months.
I miss you! ohk no need to worry, I’m here, alive, never been better though I get some major headaches lately. now some good news from me.
Un: I’ve graduated from senior high with absolutely fancy marks. college is coming!!
Deux: I’m accepted in the University of Indonesia. Faculty of Computer science dept. Information System.
Trois: I’m an extracourse tutor! wooohooo I’m earning my own money XD

And Last month I and mum and brothers went to Lampung. It was superb. did snorkeling in one of the remote island water of South Lampung, which is exactly located in the Indian ocean. That was a beau, dramatic vistas I saw.

Yep, so that’s it with me.
I’d be glad to write again soon.
See you when I see you 😉

Ultra bunch of Love