A Quick Change of Thought

Hello there.
We celebrated Teacher’s day on wednesday flag ceremonially and that was pretty fun. YES, I said fun. No kidding, but why? Well, because the ceremony (mmm what do you call petugas in english oh yes)officers are all teachers. From the pemimpin upacara to the master of ceremony, from the reader of pembukaan UUD 1945 to the choir. Bahahaha that was FUN.
When the MC, my super-killer math teacher, misread something, she said ‘eh salah’ which was very funny. Then the choir sang Indonesia Raya, and it was good. but when they sang Berkibarlah Benderaku, it didn’t sound pretty clear. so the whole school sang along and that was the very first time I was in such ceremony where everyone was quite relaxed.

Everyone smiled wide and when the ceremony was almost over, some guys in the backest line sang ‘Pahlawan Tanpa Tanda Jasa’ and it got all students to sing along. That was completely touching realizing the fact that it was mostly the utterly rebellious students who started to sing in the first place.

Idk why but it seems like everyone still loves their teachers no matter how hard they swear they hate physic, math, and english. In the end the teachers were given a mug each and a bouquet of red roses from the students.




I’ve been living in the outskirts of Jakarta for 16 years and I find it mad here. I spent about half of my day every weekdays in the city and I find it even madder. what’s so happening? why’s everyone losing their mind? just wondering. the main thing why I get to write this whole insane stuffs happening in the capital city is because I experience a freakish meeting with a freak that totally scare the heck out of me.

so here’s the elusive full story

Yesterday I and Dwi, a nonsensical best friend, were starving. so after school we went to pasar jumat and bought a bowl of one of the most savoureux chicken porridge. oh so mouth-watering. so after the happy meal and all the stupid talks dwi finally said “Mir, tapi lo jangan langsung nengok ya, Itu apaan sih mir di selangkangan bapak-bapak itu?”
I glanced “Tau, tapi kok kaya itu ya? hahaha”
“Iya kaya ituan tapi gw ga keliatan”
“wi JANGAN-JANGAN ITU EKSIBISIONIS. gw yakin itu eksibisionis. anjrit.”
“parah, Mir udah kita balik aja”
“Iya serem banget ih”
so I got in a kebayoran lama-ciputat car and seated. there were 2 junior high students sat face to face on my right and a group of in high school students on my left. they talked and laughed a lot. I wasn’t paying any attention til they jeered or something. That made me look around. DANG the exhibitionist man was there too, sitting beside the girl in front of me. the high school students were probably scoffing at the man. I tried to look as though I don’t care. then, I tried to look as though I was sleeping. not so long some passengers got off and it left me with the junior high student in front of me, the in high school student beside me, the exhibitionist, and a good looking girl I recognized as my primary school classmate, and the driver behind the steering wheel.

It was frightening, all the survivors in the car looked pale. no one laughed anymore. as the girl beside me got off I moved to the seat by the door as quickly as possible. no time for the slightest doubt. I considered to get off but we were already in pasar ciputat, so I decided to accompany the girl I thought was my old classmate. if she gets off I will get off too. but no one got off until we reached the U turn in pasar ciputat. I got off and decided to take an ojek there. the girl got off too, so do the exhibitionist. while I was turning around to get on my ojek I saw the exhibitionist smiled wide and looked completely bemused. GOD, THAT WAS SO DISGUSTING. I looked back all the time on the way home on my ojEk.

Counselling teacher ever explained stuffs like exhibitionism at school. Now it sounds real to me. My physic teacher also ever told the whole class about guys who are fond of spreading their sperms on buses. A MAD WORLD INDEED!

Perhaps loads of you will say it is not that weird, it’s happening around the globe but, to me it is an utterly disturbing fact. I mean why in the world will you show your damn penis to people gladly and get satisfied after doing so? I mean if you’re THAT batshit you are supposed to not wearing anything whilst dancing hilariously on streets and stuffs. YOU SHOULD REALLY GET A LIFE, DUDE.

I really hope that eventually those people can realize that they are so mad that they can get a proper handling or else, go to hell.



Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the days after the days after tomorrow are mysteries. they are destined to be well hid, kept as secret human will have to worry about.

This week some psychic, the well known one, said there would be one major earthquake in the capital city, Jakarta. That is a silly hoax for nothing happened in the past few days. And I was like ‘told you so!’ no one can predict future.

Yet, some people got tense and worried the whole week. I did worried a little when I first heard the quake stuffs, but logically, who can predict earthquake? Seriously. So, I take my stand to say ‘that is funny, you fools’ to my sister and brothers who obviously believed the scenario. And guess what, the media that spread the whole story is an infotainment tv programme, the one as venomous as heck, worst my siblings believe all those nonsensical stuffs.

Well, what makes it more whimsical is that the psychic herself believes stuffs most people believe; no one can predict future. she said it on tv. Well-said.

So why would people eat that up, things they said on tv?

Is it because life is more appealing on tv? How a girl gets her first kiss can make you smile, how politicians mark up national budget can get you tense and angry.
Does it make our life more interesting with a predicted earthquake?
NO it doesn’t!

Don’t believe about some stuffs they say on tv. try to sort the believeables.
And about tomorrow’s events, just get back to our own, what our faith says, is best for us to rely on.
2012? hahaha. I try to convince myself I’m going to live until I’m at least twenty something.

I’m no mayans, though.