In The Name of Kepo-ness

Hello, whoever you are reading this.

I just bumped into this very guy today, Arif Abdillah, who was kind of the reason why I’m writing this post. He told me, and several hundreds of people, about his super kepo and ember project. His project. OH SO MIND-BLOWING. He initiated langkahkaki which is about people’s secrets! Well, you should ask him about how exactly he persuaded people, even stranger he met randomly, to tell him their well-kept secrets, but what I really noted, is really the urgency of sharing your secrets to someone else.

From self-loathe to acceptance, and from thinking you got the biggest problem ever invented to understanding the relativity of your problem. When you get someone to listen to your secrets, non-judgingly, you just.. no longer carry all those gravity of your problematic hidden dilemmas around. relieved. free. whatsoever you want to say it.

So my secret number one is..

I do envy people who know what they want to do.

This girl over here? She is impulsive and all, though she sometimes over thinks stuffs, holding herself back. She completely has no idea about what she expects of the future. blank, and she knows that that is not great. Not great at all.

Not afraid but just, unprepared.

Secret number two.

I think and strongly believe my brothers hate me. It is to be noted that I’ve got 3 brothers which for crying out loud means THREE PERSONS DETEST ME. I love them. big time. I don’t know why I even think about this but I do feel in a way, they all dislike me to a certain extent where you can call it hatred. No clue, maybe it’s just fear but what the heck. I don’t know (for the nth time of the day).

Secret number three.

I am an all time star of the heavy-sleepers.

I could sleep up to 14 straight hours a day in the living room with everyone around me doing their things. Nah, don’t ask how. I just did.

There are still some I don’t feel like sharing. Perhaps for self-loathing and denial.

Share me some of your secrets and you’ll get me listened to it if you want 😀

Salam kepo, M.



Books Versus Their Movie Versions

Book collection

The book is always better than the movie. No exception.

I have read so many books so great that people made movies based on it. The Harry Potter books, The chronicles of Narnia books, The Lord of The Rings books, Eragon, No country for old Men, The Road, My Sister’s Keeper, The Ghost Writer, Into The Wild, Laskar Pelangi, The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo,  etc, All are, in my point of view, better than the movie versions (though they are pretty awesome themselves).

The books are way greater because there are always those few remarkable things in the books which are so delicate that filmmakers can’t film it well or even left unfilmed. Also when reading I can always picture the scene in my own way, which make reading a lot more exciting experience than watching films.

Movie versions are great with all those sounds and pictures stuffs, but, note this, it’ll never ever be greater than the books.

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