Cita-Cita Lewat Tengah Malam di Pamulang

This is past midnight. My best friend, Deryck White, made a note of her dreams around 2 and a half year ago. I browse on her note lists to read it again. It was immensely inspiring (She probably can already tick some of it, She did it). Now, I’m  making my own here.

100 dreams of mine. Unordered, just what comes to mind first.

1. Actually have some famous persons sing my songs, Ryan Ross, Sting, Alex Turner, Zooey Deschanel, Chris Martin, the list goes on..

2. Graduate as an S.Kom with all teman-teman turbo. Oke bo?

3. Get me and my arse and my backpack to Labuan bajo and Komodo Island.

4. Participate in K2N 2012, teach all the kids math and english.

5. Get to contribute in Waigeo Island, Raja Ampat, in K2N.

6. Be sent on a full scholarship student exchange abroad.

7. Be awarded an undergraduate scholarship.

8. Tell every single secret I’ve been keeping and putting up with my whole life to a selected someone, Every secret story I can remember, I’ll try my best to.

9. Or, write them all in a single document, print it into a book, and make it the world’s bestseller.

10. Go to a John Mayer’s live concert hopefully with DW.

11. Sing along with John C, sing every single word he sings.

13. Swim with a whale shark and sea turtles and manta rays (because I watched people did it in natgeoadvtv, and it seemed very therapeutic).

14. draw/make manga. Abstract manga.

15. Become smarter than a fifth grader and take home 1 million dollars.

16. Donate them all in a cancer awareness foundation and an education-related NGO.

17. When someone asks me, Parles-vouz francais? I’m able  to say, Oui, monsieur/madame.

18.  Love coding somehow.

19. Be an equestrian so that, when we run out of those fossil fuels and the scientists haven’t found any other fuel to run the cars, I don’t have to walk.

20. Be blessed by and forever close  to and always remember Allah SWT.

21. Get me and my arse and my backpack to Europe with my friends, DW, Arya, and, indeutsch, and I guess it’s okay if you want to join us there.

22. Naik haji dan menaikhajikan orang lain, because my mum already naik haji (what exactly the english word for naik haji).

23. Watch Timnas Indonesia play in world cup live from the stadium.

24. Be compassionate to my brothers.

25. Be quoted by them.

26. Work at google.

27. Produce ultimately useful contemplation for the whole universe.

28. Open my own bakery shop, but first thing, I must learn how to bake nice and pretty sweet cakes.

29. Meet Steven Gerrard and tell him he has made watching football on weekends get in my raisons d’etre list.

30. Tell him that he has also made me to believe to stick with anything until the end.

31.  Be able to hack into an intelligence agency like Takagi Fujimaru and probably save the day from a nuclear explosion threat.

32. Make someone’s day.

33. Knit a sweater.

34. Publish all my petty remarks.

35. Have a better and controlled attitude towards everyone and everything.

36. Never envy.

37. Become tidier, organised, and more creative.

38. Write an academy-awards-winner-film-script and touch everyone’s heart with it.

39. Mention all my followers one by one on twitter once they reach 10000 in number cause sometime I feel lonely when there’s no new mentions.

40. Go to Palestine and teach the kids how to code/hack into Israels military site.

41. Make the Israel free Palestine and the land they have robbed, establish peace in the middle east.

42. Buy a sophisticated telescope and teach myself about stars, galaxies, planets, constellations, comets, satellites, asteroids and so forth.

43. Build a house in maldives, which have a clear astonishing ocean view.

44. Learn how to play drums and guitars.

45. Write a song that make anyone happy or at least smile when they hear it anywhere..

46. Re-learn Tae kwon do and master it.

47. Have my birthday remembered by a super awesome google doodle.

48. Practice archery, I’m inspired by my college friend Jonathan.

49. Become a guest star in Running Man (oh I just want to run!) And meet the commander and tell him how much he terrifies me.

50. Also tell Gary and the ace to marry and have an ace spy kid.

51.  Ask for an advice or two from BJ Habibie and actually be given one or two valuable pieces of advice.

52. Teach my nieces and nephews to speak English and they become more fluent than I am.

53. Traveling without any destination, just go wherever my feet take me to, like what DW has done before.

54. Build a mind-blowing online store for my business women friends, indeutsch, fitri, and some other.

55. Teach a foreigner how to sing Indonesia raya until he gets it.

56. Get slimmer particularly in the hip and belly area.

57. Visit Andalusia.

58. Edit wikipedia page.

59. Contribute to my community, my surroundings, improve the community by getting involved in social acts.

60. Meet JK Rowling and plead to her to write one more Harry Potter book.

61. She agrees and writes one last Harry Potter book and quite enjoys it so she writes more and more Harry Potter books.

62. Get a graduate school scholarship in the Deutschland.

63. Get to try to live in the big apple, if it suits me, I’ll stay and bring my whole family to live with me.

64.  Stop/prevent famine anywhere in the world.

65. Never ever be late again.

66. Actualised  my favorite line in a song “Someday I’ll fly, Someday I’ll soar. Someday I’ll be so damn much more. Cause I’m bigger than my body gives me credit for”.

67. Visit Bangka belitong.

68. Write a thesis, my own thesis.

69. Write an autobiography but it’s not published for the world, only as a reminder if I forgot some part of story my life.

70. Be much less careless.

71. Be A lecturer in the university.

72. Know I was wrong but have learned from each fallacy.

73. Get soaked but happily run in the rain like I used to when I’m younger. Much younger.

74. Fall in love with a great simple guy who falls in love with me.

75. Give birth three times but each time I get two and raise them all great (I haven’t known how to but it’s okay, I’ve got plenty of time).

It’s not 100 yet because it’s almost dawn  and I’ve got morning class tomorrow, er I mean today, this morning. I’ll update. Go Dream! \M/



Last Ied The whole family went on a trip across Sumatera. Here’s some tiny fractions from the road trip album photos, I’m working on the story. It was indescribably fun. Period.

When Hormones Attack

I got home today and somehow the journey made me feel irritated. The traffic, the public bus, the public bus’ floor, all felt abstractly wrong. It was jammed, the other one’s aircon was too cold, and the last was slippery. It took me 3 straight hours of walking and getting on public buses and walking and walking again.

So hereby I list the things that will lift me up after such journey,

The sound of machine guns, shot guns, explosions after explosions. One of the few things, which sort of convince my mental realm that I’m home. My brothers are playing games. I’m at home.

The lights and sounds of nasi goreng tektek at night. And seriously it’s now on.

The Reciting of the Qur’an. The most pacifying activity I’ve ever known. Exceptionally assuaging. Do try this at home.

The Wombats’ songs. Let’s dance to joy division. THE MOST THERAPEUTIC SONGS FOR THOU, LOST SOULS.

My own singing my own songs. Yeah, I am a pretty well-known singer-songwriter. In my own room. I don’t sing aloud in public places. Too bad for you.

Now, it’s past midnight. The bed needs me and I need it. We’re complementary.

Cheers. M