Why We Dream, My Unscientific Theories.

The Little Things…
Dream, a simple word, my 10 year old brother, I guess, could spell and tell you what it means. I just always wonder of why dreams occur, no, not scientifical Oneirology explanation, but only a brief practical reason of why we dream.

Theory one
I don’t truly believe that we dream of what we have in mind the whole day or before we sleep. It’s just so usual of me to dream of things that is quite irrelevant or plain bizarre in my sleep. I don’t think THAT WEIRD so why do I dream of that?? Theory one fails.

Theory two
Do I dream of what I want to? err, sometimes I do. This is called lucid dreaming, not every time I dream I do this, I don’t even realize how I can do this sort of thing. It only starts as a normal dream, but I conclude that it was only a dream. Googled it long time ago and it was called Dream-Initiated Lucid Dream(DILD) and it has been scientifically verified.

Theory three
And, Freud conceived of dreams as expressions of the dreamer’s deepest fears and desires. ehm, I kind of agree with you, sir, but you know the fears and desires in my dreams are very metaphorical that the dreams get utterly unique that I only can get the underlying meaning.

So, why do we dream? Is it only the brain function when it rests? There are so many theories of why we dream, I’d just like to think that we dream simply so that we can experience what we think we can’t in reality, but who actually says we can’t?

—— This is not Important but very interesting to me.
Deirdre Barret, In her later study, The Committe of Sleep, describes how some experienced lucid dreamers have learned to remember specific practical goals such as artists looking for inspiration seeking a show of their own work once they become lucid or computer programmers looking for a screen with their desired code. ——— WHOAH!! DEWA BANGET.

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