First freckin’ deux weeks of school.

First freckin’ deux weeks of school.

As I told you on my twitter updates, I survived first day of school. Which was a little blast to me since seeing friends again totally made my dull day. I’m in the 4th class of science (again?) and in the class there’s this one whom I been avoiding MOST, and the class was quiet, and I miss me old classmates so freckin much.

However, I survived it and thank god. My current chair mate is the old one and she told me she wanted to study harder but we (yeah me too, we wanna get smart) ended up closing our eyes as if being a sleeping princesses. Gee, who don’t wanna be clever? But god knows we’ve tried our best, now just let him do the rest.

Anyways, I fell sick on my 2nd day, that’s an official new record. I didn’t come on Wednesday. I missed my second chemistry class, music, English, and, citizenship class. ARGH I hate my asthma. July 16th was the 34 class of 2010’s 2nd birthday so all of 2010 students (including me) celebrated it (another kolekan, Rp3000).

Friday was the day of the Jakarta bombing. God condemned those suicide bombers for sure.

Saturday was a subtle smile. It was my mother’s birthday and family from bandung called on us. And I just sat in front of computer all day long, crap but I’m not that sort of computer bug though.

Sunday, I woke up very late.

Monday. It was Monday again. And it was my birthday. My 2nd birthday this year. I was born on 22nd of January 1993 which exactly was 27 rajab too. The isra mi’raj day and that’s why I have my current name, haha.

Tuesday OMG, you wouldn’t believe it. I almost arrived late at school. True. And I walked from purba adhika school to pondok labu because of the F*ing traffic. I arrived at 6:50(the school closes its gate at 6:45 and nothing you can do but going home if that’s happened) but fortunately, very fortunately, Adit p, who was a math Olympic kid arrived at the exact same time with me who’d been running for 1km. BL, ex-my killer math teacher opened the gate for the last time for us who was very lucky and HONOURED running with the math genius. A big thank to god for this. I also had speaking and (hard) reading final exam.

By the way, I ran with an al-izhar freshman student, WHOA now ye become an innocent victim of yer selfish friends. If I were you I would hate them for the rest of my life for making me too sweaty even before I have penjaskes or math class (fyi al-izhar’s students seem to have one car for one student regulation which cause traffic surely), but, I must admit it’s me fault for waking late.

Wednesday I woke up early, the traffic wasn’t suck. Mum went to Mataram, normal routine happened.

Thursday I paid my fasting(?) meaning: bayar puasa. I had the use of English final examination. Difficult indeed. I broke my fasting with the MOST. Delicious. Bubur ayam. Ever. Only in ILP. Only in Indonesia.

Friday blew me! Someone opened my bag in angkot DO2 from pondok labu to ciputat and looked for something worth a penny. I seriously don’t have a mobile, didn’t put my money in my bag, didn’t bring extra-money. All I’ve got was my 11.000 IDR in my uniform’s pocket which I wore inside my hoodie. And shit this guy stole my pencilcase. I have 4 pens, 2 markers, 1 eraser, 1 corrector pen, 1 isi pensil?, my asthma inhaler, my teosal pack, 1 small tube of vicks vaporub, and a tiny book of al-matsurat (day and night prayers) in it. Thank god I put my 3000-idr-mechanic-pencil in my hoodie pocket so at least I’ve got something left and saved from the burglary.

Perhaps because my pencilcase was too full of stuffs the guy thought there might be a mobile or money but there’s just a used inhaler and 3 pills of teosal. Hah, that’s when you want to steal anything from me, think twice you filthy moronic douche! ARGH. UGH. *snort. I’m having some sort of flu. Sorry.

Again another Saturday, the family and I went for dinner in a Japanese restaurant, hey we’re not afraid of terrorism! Though yeah malls aren’t my thing but delicious food really is.

Sunday was my first day of bimbel at nf. Met my ex-classmate, and she was the one who realized I wore different flip-flops on each leg. God yeah I was so ashamed. But I laughed at my stupidity and she started to laugh too. Screw it but the swallow flip-flops really looked alike. The left one is blue and rather smaller and the right one is purple.

The physic teacher did his job in the way I understood. And Seeing physic teacher answer a question always makes me feel like seeing one of the 7 wonders of the world. The English teacher was totally a huge ennui and I must tell you ennui is some sort of word which means an enormous, massive sort of an irresistible boredom. mum went to Tahuna and i was given this 2 million IDR. WHOA.

Ouch I bit my tongue, AAAARRRGH.

I want to attend the first java rockin’ land, who comes too?

Loads of love. I hope it’s a good bye.

Anak Muda, Terorisme, dan Persatuan

I’m going to use bahasa for this one

17 Juli 2009, dua bom meledak beruntun di wilayah Mega Kuningan, tepatnya di dua hotel mewah; The Ritz Carlton Hotel dan J.W. Marriott Hotel yang letaknya berseberangan. Setelah beberapa tahun bebas dari teror, ibukota Jakarta kini diserang lagi. Raut ketakutan muncul di wajah penduduk Ibukota, apalagi tersiar kabar masih banyak bom tersebar di pusat-pusat perbelanjaan utama Jakarta.

Berkat teknologi informasi, berita ledakan tersebar cepat. Bahkan, status updates facebook pun amat membantu. Beberapa jam setelah ledakan, status updates orang-orang di facebook berkisar tentang berita ledakan dan gagalnya kedatangan Manchester United di Jakarta. Beberapa menyesalkan kejadian itu, beberapa menyatakan takut datang ke mall, beberapa memaki, bahkan menyumpah-nyumpah dalang ledakan tersebut.

Layanan mini-blog twitter pun menyajikan beribu-ribu berita cepat sepanjang 140 karakter. Dengan cepat Jakarta menjadi salah satu trending topic di website tersebut.

Awalnya pengguna layanan mini-blog di twitter pun hanya menyumpah-nyumpah teroris, memaki, dan menyesalkan MU yang tidak jadi datang. Tapi, dengan cepat pula trending topic yang tadinya Jakarta berganti dengan #indonesiaunite.

Beramai-ramai anak muda pengguna twitter menyatakan bersatu dan tidak takut melawan teroris, bahwa semakin keras teroris menyerang bangsa ini, semakin banyak pula yang akan melewan dan Kami tidak takut. Persatuan digalang lewat penggunaan twibbon atau gambar bendera merah putih di sudut kanan bawah avatar dan juga penggunaan watermark merah putih pada avatar

#indonesiaunite, anak muda Indonesia memperlihatkan kesatuannya membela ibu pertiwi di saat ia jatuh dan membuktikan bahwa anak muda juga bisa mencintai tanah airnya seburuk apapun keadaannya.

Tak lama keramaian di dunia maya pun bertambah, #indonesiaunite menjadi trending topic #1, mengalahkan topik-topik lain seperti Michael Jackson, Harry potter, dan #australiawantsjonas, yang membuktikan bahwa kecintaan pemuda-pemudi Indonesia pada tanah air dapat mengalahkan segerombolan remaja yang menginginkan sebuah grup band remaja tampil di negaranya.

Yang membanggakan setelah bersatu untuk menyatakan perang melawan terorisme, anak muda Indonesia tidak lagi menyumpahi teroris namun balik mempromosikan Indonesia di kancah jejaring sosial. Tidak ada lagi kata-kata ‘screw terrorists’ namun berganti dengan

‘pecel lele only in #indonesiaunite’


‘they have Beverly hills #indonesiaunite have pondok indah, sudirman, kemang, and menteng’

‘I prefer swallow to crocs #indonesiaunite’


‘dive the beauty of derawan and raja ampat only in #indonesiaunite’

dan seterusnya.

Menurut saya cara seperti ini amat ampuh untuk mengundang wisatawan asing untuk mensukseskan visit Indonesia 2009.

Setelah kebanggan datang dari hati anak muda Indonesia, musisi tenar Hollywood seperti Joel Madden dari grup musik good charlotte, Pete Wentz dari grup musik Fall Out Boy, dan Ricky Sans dari grup musik Melee yang pernah mengunjungi Jakarta menyatakan tidak akan takut untuk kembali ke Jakarta dan mendukung gerakan #indonesiaunite serta menyampaikan rasa simpatinya lewat layanan twitter.

Penyanyi country Michelle Branch yang setengah Indonesia pun bersedih dan menyatakan Indonesia adalah Negara yang indah dengan kebudayaan yang menakjubkan.

Setelah 3 malam berturut-turut menempati no. 1 trending topic twitter, tanggal 17 Juli pun dicanangkan bersama sebagai hari #indonesiaunite, atau Hari Indonesia Bersatu. Kami Tidak Takut!


“I will have to give my thanks

For giving me the branch to swing on.”

It’s almost over.

Everything has an end; even English course will face it sooner or later. Haha, not to be melancholic like hell, but it really is sad when you know you won’t meet these people you’ve been so close to.

So yeah this is my last term in ILP—Which stands for International Language Program, I started first there back when I was 14, now I’m 16 and speaking English, and I write my blog in English, and by august this year I won’t be coming there every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday anymore.

I remember my first class was with Mr. Bobby who was very nice. I shared my class with putri, dania, radhi—he failed the class of intermediate 1 or 2—wibi, Elizabeth—we called her liza fot short—kak tia, kak ririn, and a few more I couldn’t remember, sorryJ.

We got many newcomers though, kak kunti who postponed, ferdian, kak tyas, iqbal, aldi, umm and the one who’s got transferred from panglima polim. I can’t remember his name. They all postponed for exactly the same reason, for they were 12th graders.

My teacher in intermediate 1, 2, 3, PIES, and AES was Ms. Gia who was funny and talented in drawing and I think she’s a movie aficionados for having so many dvds. And she was the one who wrote the recommendation for my 2nd AFS test.

Now I’m in my First Certificate in English 3 level. My last one. My FCE1 was with ms. Lisa—who’s my teacher now, she is witty and cheerful. And my FCE2 was with ms. Sika.

The original members of my first class are only putri and dania. The rest are new but we get along well. There are kak khusnul—apparently she is my friend’s sister, kak iis who is witty and she has a very cute voice and gemma. Gemma is a big boy, literally, but he actually is a shy one. Gemma has a friend; satria. Satria is a college student, and a Manchester united fanatic. There are also dira, dita, and dila. Nope they’re no triplet, dira lives near my house and you know what, her brother, rafif, is my brother’s-yuda-classmate. What a small world. Dita has an artistic soul and always be the place I’m depending on everytime we’re having a class project. I don’t know much about dila since we just know each other in this term and she seldom attends class. And there are this two boys, one noisy and annoying and the other one is a game freak. The one is dwi and he is a pain-in-the-ass, always being the source of every commotion, and dimas who is the hardcore gamer, and he loves to teach gemma every dirty words he knows. Woops I haven’t told you about putri and dania, well they are pretty girls, nice and dania is a sixth grader. OMG she’s smart.

So yeah farewell friends. Jangan lupakan saya bila anda sudah sukses.

It really is nice to know you all. Au revoir, auf wiederschen,

Amities. Bises mmuuuaach.


Jubilant Jaunt of Jogja

Jubilant jaunt of Jogja

Okay sorry. The jaunt wasn’t jubilant at all but my family and I were. Though we weren’t that jubilant and that hysterical, we were just having a good time there—to me the word jubilant sounds too hysterical, if you know what I mean.

We went to Yogyakarta last weekend until Tuesday. My grandmum or I’d say it eyang—since she’s no British—fell sick. So basically we went there to call on her. Enough said. I thought this trip wouldn’t be a good one remembering our purpose going there. It might be a sad one.

Yogyakarta is located in Java Island, exactly between west and central java. It is one of the provinces which had an exception from the government; they call it Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. The city is approximately 800 km far from the capital city Jakarta and one of the biggest and growing cities in Indonesia, filled up by historical buildings, cultural places, and college students, since people call it; the city of students.

So, mum said that we—all family members—were going there on Saturday. I objected. I had an occasion on Sunday until Tuesday which I was responsible to. I couldn’t just cancel it and tell everyone I couldn’t come. Mum said I could, and I was pretty mad for it. But the harder I told mum I couldn’t, I just did. That happens, like all the time.

Hell yes, I told Adel I couldn’t come on Friday (quite scared whether Adel mad at me for telling her so late, maaf yaaa del maaf banget. J), and I just did. She said it was okay, yaay.

I told myself not to get excited, since I often spend holiday just staying at my wrecked home. Packing time wasn’t good. Brothers were no help. Mum packed their whole clothes, complained about the no-help. But we made it just in time. Off we went on a lame Saturday afternoon.

The flight WAS SCHEDULED to be at 4:50, we arrived at 4:15. Lame, lame long queue in checking in. we were almost late, but crap, the flight was delayed for 30 minutes. I was pretty calm taking the delay but some wasn’t. When the thirty-minutes were almost over another announcement was put, giving us another crap condition. The flight AGAIN had to be delayed for 45 minutes. People obviously weren’t calm at this. Some asked whether there really was a plane for the flight. Some came mad complained, hard.

The airway company gave us dinner as compliment for the delay. UGH the dinner was too, too, little. And I must say, not er, delicious indeed. Heck.

6:15 finally we got on plane.

the airway company, lion air, switched the plane.

We arrived in Jogja at 7:30 pm or something; family of mine picked us up at the airport. Well, I thought it was going to be pretty awkward to meet your family to whom you long time no visit or see.

It wasn’t at all awkward. This aunt of mine, tante tuti, shook my hand and she started talking about how big I start to grow and blah, blah. I was pretty much just saying yes, yes, yes, nodding or mumbling like some sort of idiot. Having done talking to me, she turned to talk to mum with the same intensity, but now, with a responding one, not such a jerk as I was.

My uncle and cousin also came to pick us up.

Our family is a big one with 5 children and a single parent. We of course need one big car to carry us all and our stuffs. So we had this carry provided. It’s big enough for us all and our so-called big travel bags. WOW. My cousin drove the big car. We’d stay at our family’s house.

I only have 5 cousins from my father’s side—though I have thirty something from mum’s big fam. Two of them live in jogja, they are nissa—which is younger than me, talented, smart and can sing, and that’s pretty important since I’m totally sucks in singing—and the other, mas azhar who gave me another vain hope in getting one ticket to Manu game versus ISL all stars this July 20. The offer only lasts until July 5, dang, that’s totally my luck. He’s a good Joe, anyway. Guess I’ll just watch it on tv, then.

First day in jogja resulted that I just tore my jeans like I’m some sort of a big fat lady whose jeans are too small for her. Darn it.

The day after passed by like a hit and run case. Fast, confusing and painful, fearful.

We went to klaten in the morning, with a driver this time, after going to university of gadjah mada and dropping in on the Takoyaki kiosk the family own.

We arrived in klaten at 12 while my eyang was sleeping. My first glance at her just gave me the idea that she looked sad. She was so thin and that was frightening me. Her head is balding and god, it really wasn’t great to see your family suffered like that. She woke up not long after we got there. She looked pretty glad when she saw us there; mumble unclearly, she called mbak jum to give us drink and food. She started to ask who my brothers were, whether it’s sultan or yuda, how was my school and all a grandmum could care about.

After all those stuffs she started talking about Mbak jum—who was hired to take care of her. She told us about how good mbak jum’s food tasted, how it made a big different to her life by living in klaten and how bad she wanted to have her grandsons or granddaughters to be a doctor.

We stayed in klaten that day. The next day we went back to jogja at 2 pm. Brothers wept and begged just to stay at klaten. Timezone was only by the block. They were insanely addicted, like timezone only existed in klaten. You guys sucks.

Back in jogja, mum got some work to do, so we visited the marine and fisheries affairs jogja headquarter office first.

Back in Jogja, Tante tuti and family brought us dinner at kangenlaut restaurant. We picked the fish we wanted, then waited for it to come cooked. Screw it, waiting for food makes me sick. UGH GIMME MY FISH, JUST GIMME.

FISHES ARE NICE I KNOW. That is just the reason why mum chose to work in the department of marine and fisheries affairs. The dinner was great, I was full and satisfied.

Thank god for the ni-ni-nice dinner, I set my dream high to taste more nice snapper. The Snapper was darn great.

Then the family took us around the city yogyakarta. Jogja at night was big, old, organized, calm, arty, and beautiful.

Our last day was even greater, though mum was a bit mad at me for being so hard to get woken up for shubuh prayer (it wasn’t me fault for sleeping late, it was those shit mosquitos’ for buzzing around my ears all night long). Tante tuti—who took a day off from work—took us fishing in the morning. We fished in the stage 1 pool which was for beginners, and you know what, it was easy fishing those tiny fishes there. Clearly for beginners, but we all shouted like very jubilantly when each one of us got a fish. We cried like ‘kakak iqra cepetan foto! Foto! Foto kak cepet!’ or ‘ waahauhihihuhhauauuhuh yah LEPAS LAGI’ or ‘sumpah ini gede banget!’(though we all knew the fishes wouldn’t be that big.)

Okay fishing was fun. BUT there was this girl from the fishing pool who shook her head everytime we shouted like hell, somewhat judging. As though we were those so-called foolish jakartans who hadn’t figured out that, even kiddies could fish there. Well, screw it, no one gave any hoot about what you think, missy.

We went to Tamansari after the fascinating fishing session. Tamansari was cool. It was a place for the royal family of yogyakarta kingdom spent their good time. And the place was fantastic. It was big and I believe it used to be very luxurious. It was ancient yet fabulous. Even the ruined ones were too.

After going in a one and a half hour tour, we went to Adi Sutjipto international airport, time to go home.

So we flew home, the plane got delayed AGAIN FOR THIRTY MINUTES, but no free lunch that time. There will never be free lunch, forever.





I was sort of nuts. 6 HOURS IN SUMMARECON.

Last Monday I went to a cinema with a pack of three annoying brothers, one noisy sister and her annoying boyfriend who took my driver seat. We went to a mall, heck yes. We went to a mall—which wasn’t my idea, seriously—summarecon mall or something.

The mall is big, looks like some sort of ciwalk in serpong, surrounded by blocks and blocks of shops, loaded by Chinese—not that I’m a racist, but there were Chinese, a lot of—crowded by expensive boutiques, luxurious, clearly not my type. I was there for a purpose, to watch something, you can say movie, that is good enough for my three underage brothers and I ended up watch transformers 2 at 6:15 with them. We got the ticket at 2, and we got nothing to do until 6.

And sheep. My right sandal’s got severed. Daaaammmnn.

I told my brothers to wait at gramedia and not to go anywhere, I borrowed my 2nd brother’s—sultan—sandals, so off I go in a search of a pair of sandals in a darn big mall with my sister and her boyfriend. I got only 150 thousand IDR with me and thought that would be enough for a simple sandal.

There was this star department store which sold sandals particularly women sandals and shoes. I’m not into women sandals and shoes; all I asked for was only a pair of simple sandal jepit or yeah not more than that. What I found was scary, loads of women, girlish type, with colors that hurt my eyes, blink-blink, and shiny sandals. AND PRICY. I swore I wouldn’t pay 350.000 bucks for those horrifying pink furry sandals, not even when they give it for free, nope THANKS.

So we went to sports station, there was this pair of reebok walk sandals, simple but cool, it was 299.900 IDR, simply out of my budget.

Well, when you’ve done your best to go around a mall you dislike, to be in and out of shops which you know you won’t ever visit unless you are in some situation like mine, god definitely will do the rest. He gave me this farmers market. I thought it only sells veggies and fruits, turned out it’s a supermarket, who sells pairs of simple cheap sandals—though there were sandals like the ones in star dept store. I bought the sandals for only 18950, yeaahahah.

6:15 I and the rest of the pack, watched transformers 2, and shit it was corny, and not suitable for kids. I got a seat next to a 6 or 7 years old boy who watch the movie with his parents, and his sister. The boy was noisy, asking his dad where was bumblebee, whether it was starscream or megatron, if optimus prime really was dead, HE WAS DEAFENINGLY NOISY AND TRANSFORMERS 2 DOESN’T REALLY HAVE GOOD STORY, WELL THEY HAVE THIS AMAZING WORK ON THE SPECIAL EFFECT STUFFS BUT THEY FORGOT TO EDIT THE DIALOGUES OR SOMETHING.