Farewell, Madiba.

Perhaps this is going to be one of the countless of posts on this particular matter on the web but I need to write this down.

As you know I haven’t been writing for so long. I write when I’m overwhelmed. Lately it’s been all routine and nothing happened before yesterday’s morning news. Which saddened me to my core.

Nelson Rolihlala Mandela has departed at the age of 95.

I didn’t know how to explain why this happen but I did spent a good hour in the morning crying alone over the news. And any mention of it throughout the day upset me. I won’t say I know so much about this particular man except for what I read in books and watch in movies, what the pop culture has to say about him. But I have come to admire him so.

His story is a constant reminder to never become angry and cynical but always challenge oneself to do good. He, in the face of adversity, was not embittered. He was instead empowered. To fight for the freedom for his people and in lieu get labeled as a communist terrorist by western authorities. He was not in turn becoming a resentful person. He came to terms with his situation and bring a lot of good into the world.

Isn’t that something we need to try to strive for in our relatively short lives? Bring some good into this world? Then we can leave contented to know we have brought something that can put a smile on one’s face.