Imma study harder!


I didn’t pass the entrance test for UGM. Yes, I haven’t got accepted in any university. UGM’s not the uni by which I’d kill to get accepted, though. Yet, it feels quite bitter to be rejected. ohk fine, I’mma study harder! by the middle of the year, I will be wearing a yellow Jacket in Salemba and yeah this is it, the turning point.

Let’s roll, Math, Biology, Physic, Chemistry, here I come. period.
Anyways, my bestfriend is accepted, let’s celebrate for her, cheer up!
*This is weird and I never expect you to react nicely because indeed this post is weird.



A Rounded Up Outline

I don’t know how to put this into words, how days are too short and my battle–that took me months to get ready for–is starting in like, a week’s time. I’m not tired, not yet, just thinking whether my preparation is better than my opponents.

YES! I take it seriously. My war on this 11th April is much of a personal war than a war against all smart kids throughout the country. If I win, it’s not that I defeat them, it’ll mean I deserve to. No, it’s not a personal satisfaction I pursue, not even proving my capability. I just want to give my family something, a good daughter to my mum and one my brothers can look up to. Sounds naive? That is the best I can put it. I have no other words.

You might wonder what on earth can possibly turn a ‘me’ to this thoughtful. Haha, it’s the University of Indonesia’s entrance test I’m talking. Almost a hundred thousand last-year highschoolers take part. Ten thousand of them, including me take the medical major. only the best a hundred will get accepted.

That is one horrifying number. 100 out of 10000. I told you this is the ultimate competition. Still, I’ll make it, I mean, I believe I will. Oh god Help me on this, I’m getting nothing without the will.

don’t give up your hopes, all your high hopes.
We’ll Make it.